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Alexander "Alex" Blucher

Who's Ready to be Led home?

Alexander "Alex" Blucher


If Alex cannot find it, it doesn’t exist. Alexander has a wide knowledge base in short sales and new construction, although he does not limit himself to any one type of real estate; which makes him the well rounded Real Estate Agent to go to when you need a home purchase, rental, investment or negotiations to sell your home if facing the unfortunate circumstance of foreclosure. His commitment to communication has hailed him great reviews from his current and past clients alike. Alex makes himself the first stop to protect his buyers and sellers needs; that type of loyalty has garnered the trust that people need to have when dealing with industry professionals and makes him an ideal fit for Promiseland and the agent to partner with. Let Alex lead you home.


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Calvin Hargaray

Who's Ready to be Led home?

Alexander "Alex" Blucher


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Who's Ready to be Led home?

Who's Ready to be Led home?

Who's Ready to be Led home?


Are YOU ready to be led home ? Give Alex, Calvin or Sandi a call today. Their readiness and commitment will lead you all the way under our umbrella principles of faith, Integrity, trust, knowledge and  passion to open the door to your new construction home, rental oasis or that relaxing beach property. You'll love their service and pride . Please feel free to share your stories to help others experience the same journey home with these

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Sandra "Sandi" Simmonds

Sandi became the Owner of Promiseland Properties LLC in 2016. Retiring after 22 years of service in the U.S. Navy; Sandi as she is dearly known; studied Criminal Justice and began a career in law enforcement in 2006. Amidst the market/economic crash; she resigned as an Officer in 2011 to answer what she wholeheartedly believes to be "her calling" as a Real Estate Agent and is now actively licensed in the states of Florida and Georgia 



Sandi is a very passionate and extremely patient professional who loves people, and has forged lifelong friendships with all of her satisfied clients over the years. As an entrepreneur, she is spearheading new construction development; an initiative she hopes will foster home ownership opportunities for hard working people who need affordable housing; as well as providing collaborated benefit services to honor our past/present veterans alongside other professional heroes. Her despise for greed has disciplined her only to recommend organizations she has proven to be trustworthy; which is one of the reasons, Sandra is by far one of the top "Most Trusted" agents in her field; as her clients and friends will attest. She is also known for putting her clients FIRST without being commission driven and expresses her gifts in anyway she is lead to make her clients happy. Opened in 2016, her brokerage Promiseland Properties LLC's mission "Leading you home for the rest of your life" is not only about finding people a physical structure; but sharing a life of faith and an umbrella heart that makes others feel at home. Sandi loves to share her faith in God and encourages others to share theirs as well. A soon to be published author and a proud mom of three children; her eldest now follows her footsteps in the military as a U.S. Marine. Sandi's selflessness and her willingness to go above and beyond is nothing short of a calling. Her clients hail that she is a realtor for the people or as she's been putting it since 2012, she is 

Your Favorite Realtor



Like any other home buyer I began the house hunting with wish list in hand; only to be frustrated after 8 long months of searching. I have extreme patience but nothing I wanted, fit my budget and the agent kept showing me  homes I didn't like.  I decided to give up and resume the following year. In that same moment that I gave up was the very moment I found my home.  The best part of this story was a divine intervention and would go here, but I'd rather share with you in person or over the phone. I chose wisely by using the NACA program that allowed me zero down payment and zero closing costs;  instead of my military home benefits which was only zero  down payment..  I am now an agent and I  work with sellers and buyers  with the passion and the patience I wanted my realtor to have when I began my own home hunting in 2002. I will never live in your home or pay your mortgage so whatever we help you find has to feel like home to you and I'm here to take that journey with you.Don't give up!

visit www.naca.com

Promiseland is also a NACA approved and HUD approved Broker